The Modeland Project

An Initiative for the Improvement of Quality of Life in the Mediterranean Rural Space

Welcome to the MODELAND Project!

The MODELAND Project, implemented in the framework of the MED Programme, seeks to provide general and innovative answers, based on territorial governance, to the changes and threats faced by Mediterranean rural landscapes through the cooperation of five (5) rural territories facing the risk of remaining isolated from current reflections taking place at community and national level. These territories are concerned by deep transformations and they endeavour to guarantee a sustainable development and benefit from the exchange of most innovative community-scale tools.
These five (5) rural territories are:
Spain: Aragon (Region of Matarraña/Matarranya)
Italy: Region of Umbria (Province of Terni)
Greece: Region of Thessaly (Municipality of Agia/ Department of Evrymenes)
France: Region of Provence – Alpes - Cote d’Azur
Cyprus: Region of Larnaca
The landscape planning models and tools developed in the framework of the project will be transferable to other Mediterranean territories sharing the same characteristics, in order to, ultimately, build a European network of territories adhering to a “Mediterranean Rural Landscape Chart”.


The European Landscape Convention (ELC) is an initiative of the Council of Europe adopted in Florence and signed by the 27 EU Member States.

It is the first instrument devoted exclusively to the protection, management and planning of all landscapes in Europe. It is an important step forward, taking the Council of Europe’s family of heritage conventions (Bern, Grenada, Valetta) into new territories.

It does not simply add another type of heritage to the canon, but takes a new approach by promoting the cultural significance and social value of all landscapes. It expands the concern of earlier conventions to a concern for the whole landscape.

The MED Programme

The MODELAND project contributes to the MED objective: “To make the Mediterranean zone an area with an enhanced capacity to compete in the international scene, considering that the principle of sustainable development involves providing support to the territorial cohesion and acting up in the protection of the environment”.

This objective (matched with the objectives of the European Landscape Convention) will be reached through the contribution of the MODELAND project to the sustainable development of Mediterranean territories based on a balanced and harmonious relation between social needs, economic development and respect of the environment. Landscape is being treated as a resource favouring economic development, so that its protection, management and planning can contribute to the creation of employment and additional income.

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